Saturday, January 21, 2012

FOI Day Ceremony

Christie's type-written description of this photo

The ceremony at James Madison's grave at Montpelier began around 11 a.m. under somewhat cloudy skies and pleasantly warm temperatures. At the direction of the current President of the U.S., George H.W. Bush, the Marines arrived in full dress uniform (looking gorgeous, of course) to lay a wreath at President Madison's grave on his birthday. Apparently, they do this at the graves of all U.S. Presidents on their birthdays.

Our presentation and reading of the framed VLA FOI Day citation honoring President Madison for his contributions to intellectual freedom was part of the wreath-laying ceremony. Because I was chair of the VLA Awards Committee in 1990, I was called upon to read the citation and present it to the Director of Montpelier, Christopher Scott (a distinguished Brit).

Marines laying the wreath from President George H.W. Bush

Christie, Scottie reading citation, Liz Hamilton-then President of VLA

Marine color guard leaving the cemetery

Scottie at the reception inside the mansion after the ceremony - note Marine hats on the mantle and walls needing repair

After the reception, the four of us had lunch at a nearby inn, then Christie and Bill went on their way back to Tidewater, and Louis and I headed southwest to Blacksburg.

Another grand adventure manufactured by Dr. Christie Dougherty Furlow Vernon Kitchin. I was privileged to ride sidekick to many such adventures. Thank heavens!

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